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GY-100NC-7 Round Roller Roller

 GY-100NC-7 wheel hydraulic automatic bending machine

A brief description:

GY-100NC-7 wheel type hydraulic automatic bending machine is controlled by electromechanical and electrical appliances, hydraulic drive, automatic operation, easy to operate; mobile foot switch has two functions of start and emergency stop, high safety: the machine has stable performance , high efficiency, is the ideal equipment for the pipe processing industry.

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  • Product overview
  • technical parameter

Performance: Seven-wheel lateral hydraulic drive

Features: Lateral bending expands the space of the elbow, automatic clamping during the bending process, specially designed pipe ejection structure, easy to release and take out the pipe, short forming time, high efficiency, mainly suitable for pipe bending For the processing of various profiles with large span and multi-angle bending, this model is a supplementary model of the single-head pipe bender, and the drive is more direct and ingenious.

Man-machine dialogue operation, manual and semi-automatic operation modes can be selected arbitrarily, and the mobile foot switch has both functions of start and emergency stop.

The whole machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency and high safety factor, and is an ideal equipment for the pipe fittings processing industry.

The machine is suitable for a wide range of fields, such as auto parts (brake oil pipes, bumpers, mufflers, seats, etc.), motorcycle manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, boiler industry, electric power industry, train industry, fitness equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration, bicycle industry, steel Household, bath equipment and other industries.


Machine structure:

1. Overview:

GY series hydraulic automatic bending machine is controlled by electromechanical and electrical appliances, hydraulically driven, automatic operation, and easy to operate; the mobile foot switch has two functions of start and emergency stop, with high safety: the machine has stable performance and high efficiency. Ideal equipment for the tube processing industry.

Second, the performance characteristics:

1. Fully mechanical transmission, compact structure, high reliability

2. Six-roller drive, not easy to slip, thin-walled materials can also be bent.

3. The machine is hydraulically driven, and the feed speed can be adjusted at will, and circular, arc or spiral shapes with different curvatures can be obtained.

4. By changing the groove shape of the die, it can process various metal profiles, such as angle steel, flat copper, round pipes and other special-shaped section profiles.

5. Bending large semi-warp profiles avoids the drawbacks of making extra-large bending dies. It is a necessary supplement to the series of single-head and double-head pipe bending machines.

6. The machine is suitable for medium and mass production, with fast speed and high efficiency.

3. Introduction to the working principle:

This machine is composed of main transmission mechanism, mandrel mechanism, ejector mechanism, clamping mechanism, electrical system and hydraulic system. When working, the motor drives the oil pump to rotate to supply pressure oil, and the microcomputer (NC) issues commands to control the opening and closing of each solenoid valve, so that each oil cylinder moves in a certain order and regularity to achieve the purpose of bending the pipe.

5. Operation steps

1. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch;

2. Put the trial tube into the first two pairs of feeding wheel dies, adjust the hand wheel, and clamp the tube;

3. Adjust the position of the pre-compression die and the stroke of the die, try to adjust to the radian of the pre-bending pipe, and lock the adjusting nut of the die stroke;

4. Put the tube into the feeding wheel mold, step on the foot switch, the machine will automatically feed the tube, automatically press the mold, and automatically withdraw the mold to realize the rounding work;

5. If you need to change the arc size of the product, you can adjust the stroke of the die.

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